Chakra Rainbow Yoga Mat


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  • Red - Root chakra: safety, survival, foundation
  • Orange - Sacral chakra: emotion, creativity, and sexuality
  • Yellow - Solar Plexus chakra: intellect, personal power
  • Green - Heart chakra: love, compassion, relation
  • Blue - Throat chakra: self expression, truth, communication
  • Indigo - Third Eye chakra: intuition, inner wisdom, vision
  • Violet - Crown chakra: spirituality, connection, consciousness
Chakras are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Finding balance in all aspects makes peace with mind, body, soul. 


  • 71in x 25.5 in
  • 4mm thick mat
  • non-slip surface
  • soft microfiber suede
  • eco-friendly grip base
  • latex free
  • intended for basic or hot yoga
  • all mats come with a shoulder carrying strap

ORIGIN | printed and packaged in the USA
CARE | Machine or hand wash, do not use heated dryer. hang dry.
USE | moisture will activate the grip! use this map in hot yoga without a towel for lock in grip. If using in a dry cool climate use a spray bottle and spritz the mat and hands to activate the grip. You can also use your favorite essential oil to add aroma to your practice. 

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